Presenting with Confidence

Make your first steps in public speaking with our “Presenting with Confidence” course.

  • Don’t know where to start?
  • Suffer from presentation anxiety and public speaking nerves?
  • Feel awkward when speaking in front of an audience?

If this sounds familiar this 1 day course is just what you need to make a start at public speaking.

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Course description

This course is specifically designed for people who have no or little experience of public speaking and is ideal for

  • Building confidence in front of an audience
  • Learning the foundations of preparing and structuring an effective presentation

What better way to dramatically increase confidence than by practising speaking in front of a small group? It is a supportive and practical workshop containing lots of confidence building exercises which will help you control presentation nerves, find natural confidence and develop your public speaking skills. It provides a safe environment to make a confident start at public speaking and presenting.

What will I get out of it?

  • A supportive environment where you can go at your pace
  • Tools to control public speaking nerves and calm yourself down
  • Techniques to capture the audience attention from the start
  • Ways to plan and prepare effectively
  • How to set a clear purpose in your presentation to maximise its outcome
  • Learning to feel confident and natural in front of an audience
  • Experience of presenting to a small group
  • More confidence in your ability to speak in public
  • The satisfaction of being able to make quick progress and enjoy your public speaking experience

Additionally delegates will receive feedback from their peers and the trainer regularly throughout the workshop to help them identify future areas of development.

What people say….

Thank you Christine for a great course. I thought the structure of the course was excellent and the way that you encourage the group to critique one another worked really well. Once again many thanks.

David Phillips, DPP Financial Management

Thanks again for the course today. The day was perfectly positioned for me, tremendously focusing and helpful. I enjoyed your non-judmental and supportive style, thought the day was excellent and think that what you offer is of great value.They were great, but your workshop definitely taught me the most and was the most fun! The variety of activities and the pace of learning was spot on.

Sarah Christie, Leadership Coach

Incredibly useful. I’m sure this will enable me to present with more confidence and calm manner.

Fern Doherty, Environmental Entreprise Executive

Thanks so much for the great course. Really great.

Steve Counsell, Segment SEO

Excellent. Very useful and enjoyable. I will recommend to colleagues.

Marc Francis , Manager - EnviroBusiness

Thank you Christine for a very informative, interactive and enjoyable workshop. It was really helpful and also very timely for my presentation 2 days afterwards! I would thoroughly recommend this course.

Oliver Barry, Amethyst Wealth Management

Very useful. Would highly recommend

Phil Pearson, Environmental Entreprise Executive

Course Outline


  • Getting to know each other
  • Warm up exercises

Dynamics of effective presentations/public speaking

  • What makes or breaks a presentation/speech

Preparing yourself to speak/present

  • Dealing with presentation nerves
  • Adopting/Developing a confident stance
  • Building confidence
  • Warming the voice

Planning your presentation

  • Setting objectives for the presentation
  • Identifying audience requirements

Preparing content/ structure/material

  • Generating and organising ideas
  • Structuring content in a clear and concise manner
  • Creating a strong opening
  • Defining key messages
  • Closing with impact

Putting it together

  • Presentation practice
  • Presentation evaluation and feedback
  • Personal action plans


  • General group feedback
  • End of course evaluations


Public workshop : £295 per person – This workshop is no longer available as a public workshop.

In house: £1080 per day

Terms and Conditions

Any questions?

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