Presentation Skills Coaching

Develop your skills with personal, one-to-one attention

  • Do you have an important speech or presentation to prepare?
  • Are you too busy to take one or two full days away from your business?
  • Do you need to speak with confidence?

Our custom made one-to-one presentation skills coaching is tailored to meet your needs and confidential.

It will allow you to:

  • Identify and build on your existing strengths
  • Set up a plan of action to address any weaknesses
  • Grow your confidence to speak to groups of any size

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Although the exact format and content will depend on your needs, the sessions will focus on discussion, practical exercises and feedback.


I was used to giving speeches and making presentations to small/medium size audiences and always interacted well with those attending. However, when faced with large groups of people, I somehow converted my delivery to that of a more factual and straight delivery, the result of which was that my tone became more static and my speech less interactive with the audience.
After just one session, Christine immediately identified the problem and was able to provide a number of techniques to help me to address this. Having taken these on board, at the very next presentation I delivered, the feedback showed a vast improvement in my delivery technique and three presentations later I am receiving comments and feedback never previously received and I feel more comfortable and confident than I ever thought I would.

It all sounds like a miracle cure but it’s not – it is Christine’s ability to identify a problem and advise on and demonstrate some very practical but easy to remember techniques, all delivered in a friendly and relaxed environment, where you feel able to speak freely and honestly. Anyone thinking about seeking help in public speaking should certainly make an appointment with Christine

Martin Schofield, Financial Fraud Consultant

I used to be extremely anxious prior and during the time I was presenting at different networking meetings. From the first meeting onwards Christine gave me useful feedback and advice. She helped me to understand what I needed to do to overcome all my fears, she supported me in developing my speaking skills and ensuring I was giving the correct message in my presentations.
I no longer have this terrible pain in my stomach when I have to present, the message I deliver is clear and concise and I am getting more people interested in my business.
What I particularly liked was that Christine was interested in my development and asked me to give feedback of how I felt after each presentation. She was very non judgemental and was focused on my needs.
I would recommend Christine to anyone who needs help with speaking in public or wanting to feel more confident in their business.

Cathy Strudwick, WPA

Christine, thank you so much for an extraordinary day, a day of self-discovery! You made me aware and got me started on some of the different aspects of making a presentation, which I hope to master in the future. In the meantime, I feel much more confident when presenting. Again, many thanks!

Peter Ash, Hollyberry Associates