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Essential Presentation Skills training courses for your organisation or your team

How well do your team members communicate?

A lot of organisations are full of very talented and productive individuals. And most likely yours is one of them. Yet, when it comes to speaking to colleagues, clients or vendors, how well do they communicate? How effectively do they present their ideas, their knowledge, their expertise?

Are you getting the results you need?

Nowadays many people in business are expected to make presentations and not many people find this easy or do it effectively. Without the confidence and skills required, the desired outcome might not be fully achieved resulting in lack of clarity and engagement, and missed opportunities. More than ever, presenting effectively is an essential business skill and to be successful, you need to present your message with confidence, clarity and impact.

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Athenoya runs highly interactive and practical presentation skills training courses for all levels. Our courses encourage the learning and development of new skills with a friendly and supportive approach.

Please see below example of popular courses. Workshops duration and content can be tailored to your needs.

We deliver training at client sites in London and the South East of England.

Presenting with Confidence

This is a highly supportive workshop, designed for people who have little or no experience of presenting and seek to gain an understanding of the essential steps required to prepare an effective presentation. It provides a safe environment to make a confident start at public speaking. It is also a perfect workshop for those who have experience of presenting but still feel very nervous while speaking in public.

Participants will learn or re-learn how to:

Presenting with Impact

This workshop is designed for people who have experience of presenting to audiences whether small or large and are looking to improve their presentation skills further. It allows participants to build on existing skills and learn to deliver presentations with more impact and conviction.

Participants will learn to:

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