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Confidence, clarity and effectiveness

Athenoya is a public speaking and presentation skills training specialist helping you and your business to grow.

It was founded by Christine Le Penuizic out of a passion for training and a conviction that people have all the resources they need inside themselves to succeed.

Christine brings 20 years experience of presenting and training in a wide variety of organisations across diverse industry sectors in the UK and internationally. She truly believes that with the correct techniques, feedback and attitude anyone can become an effective and confident presenter.

“Effective communication skills and presentation skills are part of an essential toolkit for any individual who is looking to communicate their views, ideas, skills, knowledge, assets or passion, whatever the context and the size of the audience”.

Christine is a qualified trainer, NLP Practitioner and coach, and is a member of the Association of Speakers Club (ASC) and Toastmasters.


Passionate about your personal growth

Although a good use of voice and body language is an essential part of successfully addressing an audience, public speaking does not need to be “theatrical” to be engaging and achieve its goals. We prefer to encourage people to develop their own natural style and we are passionate about helping people grow their confidence and get fun out of delivering their message.

Our training focuses on providing participants with practical tools, advice and individual feedback to help them take their presentation and public speaking skills to the next level, whatever their experience.

A flexible approach

We offer a flexible and personalised consultative approach focused on identifying and responding to your needs. We offer insight and support in refining your training requirements and work with you to deliver tailored training that is relevant and successful. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you address any specific requirements within your industry.

On-going support

Further to attending one of our training programmes, participants will automatically be enrolled on a 3 months mentoring programme providing free email support where they can ask for advice on specific presentations they are about to deliver.

International training solutions

We provide training in the UK and across Europe in English and in French. Contact us for more information.

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